I decided to create this site in order to have a place where I can gather all my projects, document them properly and share them. I treasure the feeling of seeing others learn from my work or being entertained by it.

You may ask "why not make a profile on Instructables or any other such website?". The answer is that I wanted to try and take on the challenge of building a website on my own. In the process, I have come to realize that making a profile and using it on a platform is one thing but making your own website is quite another. I could compare the experience as living in a hotel room (a platform) or living in your own house (own website). No matter how many utilities and comforts a big hotel may have, it will never be as cosy as your own space. Thus, this site was born!


The content on this site falls in two main categories in the home page: PROJECTS and MUSIC. On the PROJECTS page there is content mainly about crafting-themed projects that revolve around 3d designing, 3d printing, CNC, electronics, synthesizers, programming and more. On the MUSIC page there is content about songs that I write, improvise, cover or interpret alone or with friends. There is also a link to a contact form on the main page - feel free to ask me anything or just send me a message!


The projects on this site are sorted according to their difficulty in three categories: EASY, NORMAL and HARD. This system is mostly used to measure the amount of effort I had to put into each project. The difficulties are not meant to disheart anyone from tackling a project.

My background

I studied classical and electric guitar and have acquired the RGT grade 7 diploma for electric guitar. I graduated from the “Lycée Léonin de Patissia Athènes” high-school. Finally, I received a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Thessaly. Other than that, every month I catch myself trying to learn or create something new (learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and creating this site for instance).


Unless another type of license is explicitly specified for a work, content on this website is licensed under the General Public License V3.