Pico planter

13 Jun 2023

difficulty: HARD

An automated planter with data logging

Kotatsu for IKEA LACK

22 Mar 2023

difficulty: NORMAL

A table that can keep you warm!

Geometric pots

15 Mar 2021

difficulty: EASY

Geometry-themed pots for small plants

Bench PSU

8 Jun 2020

difficulty: EASY

A small cheap and handy bench power supply unit

Knife sharpening

16 Nov 2018

difficulty: EASY

Why and how to sharpen knives and making a DIY sharpening tool

Mini solder torch

10 Jun 2019

difficulty: EASY

DIY pocket soldering tool

Pan flute

12 Jul 2016

difficulty: EASY

A pan flute built from reed

Reed flute

16 Aug 2016

difficulty: EASY

A reed flute with a reed mouthpiece and saxophone-like sound

Yoga stool

19 Sep 2020

difficulty: EASY

A simple yoga stool and why use one

Polarity inverter

25 Jan 2021

difficulty: NORMAL

Inverting the polarity of an input pin without using a VCC connection

Power bank

15 Jun 2020

difficulty: NORMAL

A small DIY power bank

This website

17 Apr 2021

difficulty: NORMAL

How to learn to make static sites like this one

Floating knife

5 Sep 2020

difficulty: HARD

A 3D printed floating knife with removable blades

Physics timer

9 Feb 2021

difficulty: HARD

A sensor triggered, precision timer for use in physics experiments

3D printer to CNC mill

26 Jan 2021

difficulty: HARD

Converting a 3D printer into a CNC mill

Stepper motor math model

15 Feb 2020

difficulty: HARD

A mathematical model of a stepper motor

ZNEAR synth

19 Oct 2020

difficulty: HARD

A DIY synthesizer using the ATMega328p AVR microcontroller

Piezoelectric preamp

30 May 2021

difficulty: HARD

A preamplifier/filter combo for a piezoelectric contact microphone

Auduino mod

21 Sep 2021

difficulty: NORMAL

A modification for the famous Auduino synthesizer

Foot switch

28 Aug 2021

difficulty: EASY

A durable DIY foot pedal

Origami light

10 Oct 2021

difficulty: NORMAL

An origami ornament that doubles as emergency lighting

Alesis repair

25 Oct 2021

difficulty: EASY

A repair on the casing of a vintage drum machine, the Alesis HR-16

Printable lens caps

26 Nov 2021

difficulty: NORMAL

Easy to print lens caps for all lens sizes

PX625 vintage battery adapter

10 Dec 2021

difficulty: NORMAL

This adapter enables the use of modern batteries for some vintage equipment

Origami light 2

24 Jul 2022

difficulty: NORMAL

Improvements on previous project, Origami light